Norstar Environmental is a socially and environmentally conscious company.

We strive to promote sustainability for communities, the environment, and the economy through recycling contaminated soil. We work with our clients to provide excellent service and alternative solutions for impacted soils.



We believe in supporting sustainable development
for today and future generations.

Why recycle Contaminated Soil?

Stop Legacy PolLution. Recycling impacted soil Destroys contaminants.

Why pass the liability on to the next generation? Our commitment to sustainability means we don't just move contaminants, we eliminate them. When contaminated soils are recycled they are heated to such a high heat that any contaminants are incinerated or chemically bound up in the clinker that is produced. Contaminants are removed from the environment benefiting people today and tomorrow. 


Recycling impacted soil Skips the Landfill

By recycling impacted soils, we can avoid costly intermediate solutions like landfills. Our commitment to resourcefulness means we find new environmentally friendly uses for impacted soils rather than moving the liability elsewhere. 


Recycling impacted soil is Cost Effective

Businesses shouldn't have to choose between doing the right thing for the environment and saving money. Recycling contaminated material is competitive and can offer savings on remediation costs. When we can accomplish the same goals with less resources, both businesses and the environment benefit. 


Norstar Industries offers flexible hours of operation and a variety of service options to suit the specific needs of each project. 

IMpacted Soil Recycling

Clay contains alumina and silica, both compounds are key components of cement manufacturing. Impacted clay is brought to Norstar Industries where it is utilized in the cement manufacturing process.



Norstar Industries can provide competitive and efficient trucking to our clients when they require for their project. Norstar Industries can tailor services and hours of operation to accomodate any project needs. 


Norstar Industries can provide excavation services to clients in addition to clay recycling and trucking. Our services are flexible to fit with your project scope.