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Promoting Successful Crop Production

Norstar Industries has stockpiles of a variety of different soil amendment products which have demonstrated high potential value for agricultural applications. We are dedicated to our clients by providing them with high quality products to promote the most optimal nutrient soil balance for a variety of different crops. Our experienced team focuses on the limitations within the soil by improving those imbalances, instead of offering products that will ultimately destroy the environment and your crop! Our products offer a variety of results including: faster neutralization of acidic soils, less soil crusting, better crop emergence for small seed crops, further reduction of club root, and an abundance of micronutrients that are crucial to high yielding quality crops you desire.


Get to Know Our Products

Our expert team members at Norstar Industries offers a variety of different products to improve soil nutrients, resulting in higher yielding quality crops. We can help you decide which product is best for you. We offer:

  • Agriculture Lime (Ag Lime): This lime-based product, consisting of Calcium Carbonate, is typically used to neutralize the pH of acidic soils. While, reducing harmful levels of aluminum, iron, and manganese. Ag Lime supports crop production by increasing the available water holding capacity in soils, promoting plant and root growth.
  • Agricultural Gypsum (Gypsum): This Calcium Sulphate product acts as a great fertilizer ideal for those soils deficient in both Calcium and Sulfur. While, reducing the excess soil salinity that causes poor crop yields.
  • Cement Kiln Dust (CKD): This newly implemented soil amendment product is a by-product of the cement manufacturing industry. CKD mainly consists of limestone, calcium oxide, and magnesium. This well-rounded product is used to increase the soils pH to a suitable level. Sequentially, triggering the nutrient cycle and amplifying the uptake of those critical nutrients, therefore, enhancing crop quality and yields.

Soil Sampling

Since the application of our soil amendment products hinder on the initial soil quality, a representative soil sample is a must. Thus, a trusted Norstar Industries Team Member will perform this work for you! We follow all recommended soil sampling guidelines, so there is no misleading information and our products are applied accurately!

Applying Our Products

Proper application is essential to improving soil quality. We recommend using equipment specifically designed for this purpose. However, applying too much of our products means eliminating essential nutrients from the soils which may lead to the opposite effect of what we want. Our team of professionals are always here to answer questions and clear up any confusion.

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